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Johnny's Burritos


 · Mexican
490 D St
Closes at 6:30 pm

Christine's Restaurant
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 · Seafood
625 Main St
Nana Dora's Restaurant 103 W K St

The City Hall Of Brawley

Down Town View Of Brawley

Brawley Chamber of
PO Box 218
204 S. Imperial Avenue
Brawley, CA 92227
Phone: (760) 344-3160
Fax: (760) 344-7611
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A well-planed, beautiful community of stately homes and parks greets travelers entering Brawley today from
any direction. Brawley is the center of the greatest proven producing area in the United States- a claim sustained by
its annual record of produce shipments, and its accredited rank as the second busiest produce shipping point in California. From a single brush wickiup in 1901, has grown this prosperous and well-built city located 26 miles north of the US-Mexican border, 120 miles east of San Diego.
Facts and Figures
The average minimum temperature in
Brawley is 56 degrees; average
maximum is 85 degrees; average
humidity is 30 percent with two inches
of rain annually. The elevation is 113
feet below sea level. The total
population is 22,052 (2000 census).
Events and Activities
Brawley is home to one of the finest Western celebrations in the United States. Each year, an estimated 50,000
people converge on Brawley to enjoy the many special events during Cattle Call. Brawley cattle Call began in
1956 to honor Imperial Valley’s cattle industry. The City of Brawley leased a50-acre arena for one of the finest
rodeo grounds in the southwest. The Cattle Call Parade is now one of the largest western parades in the southwest.
Through the work of the Rodeo Committee, the Cattle Call Rodeo is now recognized as one of the best PRCA-sanctioned rodeos in the US. To the north is the Salton Sea,
California’s largest lake. To the east are the dramatic yet desolate sand dunes where off-road enthusiasts come
from all over southern California to play. The northern and western mountains provide a rugged and picturesque skyline that surrounds the relatively unspoiled desert mesa.
Brawley has ten tennis courts, three mini-parks, six neighborhood parks and three community parks. The City
has one Olympic-size pool.
Public Facilities
Brawley also has many facilities for public functions, such as:
¨ Palmer Performing Arts Center
¨ Cattle Call Arena
¨ Lions Convention Center
¨ Senior Citizens Center
¨ Warne Football Field
¨ Weist Baseball Field
The Brawley Chamber of Commerce, established in 1904, is dedicated to ahealthy business climate through a
commitment to economic growth in order to ensure that Brawley’s community has quality schools, libraries, parks, public safety and adequate infrastructure, through a
strong sales tax base.

From Wikipedia
Brawley (formerly, Braly)[5] is a city in Imperial CountyCaliforniaUnited States. Brawley is located 13 miles (21 km) north of El Centro.[5] It is located about 70 miles west of Yuma, Arizona, 95 miles southeast of Palm Springs and 130 miles east of San Diego. The population was 24,953 at the 2010 census, up from 22,052 in 2000. The town has a significant cattle and feed industry, and hosts the annual Cattle Call Rodeo. Year-round agriculture is an important economic activity in Brawley. Summer daytime temperatures often exceed 105 °F (41 °C).


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