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Imperial Valley Gateway Policy
Imperial Valley Gateway is designed to be a virtual tour of the Imperial Valley.
Our imperative is to enlighten,entertain,inform and bring people solid information about the Valley and the world in general.
Our Site is designed to be OK for kids, however we cannot control the content of external sites.
We host links to as much of Imperial Valley as we can based on this Criteria:
The Web Site Has Any Or All:
Positive: Information,Entertainment,Photos,Downloads,Links or Educational Value. Opinions,Ideas,Photos or article which though negative are presented to improve conditions in Imperial Valley or the world in general.
We Do NOT Support Web Sites which:
Encourage or Espouse Hatred,Bigotry,Personal Attacks,Sexually Oriented Material,Vengeance,Libelous claims, or ideas and values which would be construed by most people as "Hurtful". Search engines,links pages, and other "NET" resources are excluded from this concept as we have no control over their content,
but as "WEB PROVIDERS" serve a function of free speech we respect.
How to get a link on Imperial Valley Gateway
We have a standard policy of reciprocal links so long as your site meets Gateway criteria.
If your Web Site is about the Imperial Valley or information which relates to content provided on Imperial Valley Gateway. And your Web Site meets the criteria for a link on our site. Send an e-mail to: garygraefen@gmail.com
Or enter the address or Comments below for anonymous submission

Include your web address in the form:
along with any pertinent information you feel we should know.
We will visit and evaluate your site, If as Editor I feel your site is a Valuable addition to Imperial Valley Gateway we will give you a link in the appropriate place. If I reject your site as a link, please do not take my decision personally. As editor my choices are based on many things, such as professionalism,content,presentation,load speed,meeting Gateway criteria and more. You may suggest a place for your link but I reserve the right to choose its final placement. Some links will be to information or pages directly, not necessarily to your front door. Imperial Valley Gateways layout is designed to emulate a magazine. We make no promises as to how long your link will be available. Most links which become dead or inoperable will be removed as we see fit.
Dead Links or Inappropriate Links
If you as a user find a link which is dead,has content which has changed for the worse, or no longer conforms to the Web Sites we support stated above. Please do yourself, the Valley,and the world the courtesy of letting me know. As time progress's more sites appear here and it is becoming very difficult for me to constantly reevaluate Web Sites. Your help is needed and appreciated.
Write to:
garyatniland2002@yahoo.com or garyatniland@topseven.com
Thankyou for your time and help, Imperial Valley will be a better place for it !
Gary Graefen
Owner of
The Imperial Valley Gateway

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